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About the Artist...


Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, artist Keva Michelle transformed her favorite hobby into a lifelong commitment of spiritual awakening and understanding. Like John the Baptist who chose to fulfill his call from the wilderness, Keva chooses to fulfill hers from the art studio. Using her God given talent and heavenly insight, Keva uses her art to teach, inspire & transform the lives of those who experience her work. When she isn't working in the art studio, she uses her voice to teach the next generation of young creatives in the classroom. Recently Keva has combined her love for art and literature to illustrate a series of children's books.


Keva currently attends The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD, working towards a Masters of Arts degree in Teaching, with a proposed graduation date for May 2022. In everything that she does, past, present & future, Keva aims to be the example for the next generation of creatives & kingdom builders alike, forever thanking God that He chose her for such a humbling task.

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